Integration with Other Systems

Currently, there are a large number of computer systems on the market for different tasks within an organization, which is why in InteraSystem we are concerned with developing simple and easy-to-implement tools for managing simple interfaces with other applications such as They are:

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), payroll systems, production systems, accounting systems etc.

SoftFleet, comes with a tool called script administrator, where it is created in pascal programming code with the instructions we want the system to perform, this tool gives total control of the information contained in the system database, exporting it to any format either to Excel, Word, text, SQL, etc.

Other options that the system has to integrate with other systems: it is its database in SQL Server format, which by itself already has its own programming language. With this we can carry out advanced processes without touching any of the programs that will be integrated, only using tools such as: Triggers, functions and views in procedures stored within the database.

If a very complicated interface is required in your operation, in InteraSystem we can also do it to measure, you only have to perform an analysis, of time and cost



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