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In InteraSystem we know that the main basis of any program is to have an efficient technical support and adequate to the needs that are presented to us at the time of operation with the program, although The acquisition is the end of the administrative business relationship, it also marks the beginning of a new one, which is the service. Interasystem The main goal has been to provide our customers with an efficient technical support service, which is provided by specially trained personnel in our applications and their environment.

You have to understand What is support?

Support is understood as all doubts regarding the operation, installation, operation of the system, proposals for improvements, and that the demand for care does not exceed more than 15 minutes, the support may be for a Error detected or by an operation that is complicated to understand. SoftFleet is very friendly throughout your operation but if for some reason you fail to understand the implementation process we strongly recommend that you take our courses, whether Online, which are very economical as a registered user and that you It gives a very broad overview of the operation of the system, or Course in its facilities with a specialist who will give you operation tips according to the heading of your company, these courses are personalized, theoretical and practical.

How can I request support?

 The first thing is to be a registered user or have an evaluation license.

  1. Enter the private area of ​​this portal with the username and password provided by the company.
  2. Enter error log (Ticket).
  3. There you can register your support problem, in addition there you have the self-service option that has a knowledge base.

It is our goal to provide all the technical support so that you can implement your system successfully, if you are a user of SoftFleet and currently do not have access to the private area, please send an email electronic support. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I have included the following information:

  1. Email from the SoftFlot license owner, it is recommended not to use an email such as hotmail, gmail, etc. if you only have one like that then send it to me.
  2. Full name of the company that purchased the SoftFleet. license
  3. License number of your system SoftFleet . This can be found in the Help Menu and the About the Author option.
  4. Name and email of the main user as well as telephone for contact if required.

How can I have personalized support and support in my SoftFleet implementation?

In Interasystem we have on-site courses, Implementations, Accessories and more, send us your requirements with the subject " special support" to the mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where we will gladly analyze your case and respond to your request as soon as possible, and if you are a user in Latin America, we will channel your case to the distributor of your country, for better attention.

How can I update my system with the latest version of SoftFleet?

There are two ways to update your system:
1.-using the installed workstation and update individually directly from the internet to your PC.
2.-Make the server obtain the update from the internet and later when the customers between update in a natural way.

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